Source Connectors

This section explains which sources are available in the Myst Platform

Cleaned ObservationsThe Weather CompanyDocumentation
Enhanced ForecastThe Weather CompanyDocumentation
Historical Hourly ConditionsThe Weather CompanyDocumentation
HolidaysMyst AI
Solar PositionMyst AI
Time TrendsMyst AI
Yes EnergyYes EnergyYes Energy


Tips for using The Weather Company APIs

The Cleaned Observations, Historical Hourly Conditions, and Enhanced Forecast APIs cover non-overlapping time periods. Specifically:

  • Cleaned Observations covers the past 10 years up until 24 hours into the past
  • Historical Hourly Conditions covers the most recent 24 hours
  • Enhanced Forecast includes predictions through 15 days into the future

We recommend using the recipe featured in this tutorial to build time series from The Weather Company (TWC). This recipe automatically knits together data from each of the three TWC APIs into one time series – so that you do not have to contend with the intricacies of these APIs.