Networks of Time Series

This section explains the concept of Networks of Time Series

Networks of Time Series (NoTS) are at the core of the Myst Platform. They allow users to configure Time Series in a directed acyclic graph, which can be executed asynchronously based on a set of Policies to generate results. Time series data in a NoTS will flow from left to right through a set of Sources, Operations, and Models. The resulting data in each Time Series is stored in a scalable time series database, which can be queried flexibly by the user.

A Project in the Myst Platform can contain one or more NoTS, which can be viewed and edited in the Project Create space. The flow of data inside an NoTS typically starts in Sources, which allow data to enter the graph. Data from Sources can flow into Time Series through Layers. Time series can be transformed by Operations and Models, whose output can flow into other Time Series through Layers.

NoTS are composed of the following resources:

  • Nodes: Time Series, Source, Operation, and Model;
  • Edges: Layers and Inputs;
  • Policies: Model Fit Policy and Time Series Run Policy.