Market time aliases deprecated in Yes Energy

Myst Platform Release (2022-11-03)

Hello Myst Platform users,

The status indicator for HPOs in the Web Application now updates more accurately, and Yes Energy data has a few updated limitations.

🚨 If you use a market time alias (e.g., “BID_CLOSE”) as your Yes Energy vintage offset, you should update your graph to use a translated vintage offset (see here).

Please update your myst-alpha package at your earliest convenience to ensure you have access to this week’s updates (instructions here).

⚡️ Enhancement:

  • The HPO status indicator in the Web Application will show “100%” when all trials have run – and will transition to “Success” within a few minutes, when results are ready. This week’s change addresses an issue that delayed result availability after all trials had completed.

✅ Bug fixes:

  • We no longer allow BID_CLOSE and other market time aliases in the forecast_vintage_offset parameters because these are not supported correctly by Yes Energy. Any Yes Energy connector that currently uses these market aliases will already be failing. To correct this, you can use the list of market time aliases and their vintage offset translations here.
  • Now, when you use Pandas 1.5.0+ with our client library, you will no longer get warnings when you run backtest_result.to_pandas_data_frame(). This fix addresses the fact that Pandas deprecated the inplace parameter in set_axis since Pandas version 1.5.0.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out via the chat embedded in the Myst Platform or email us at [email protected] with questions or feedback.

Thank you!
Ellery and the Myst team