HPO results for all trials and backtest runtime 👍

Myst Platform Release (2022-08-04)

Hello Myst Platform users,

We’ve got a few improvements for you this week!

Please update your myst-alpha package at your earliest convenience to ensure you have access to this week’s updates (instructions here).

⚡️ Enhancements:

  • You can now use the Myst Platform client library to retrieve the parameters and metrics for all trials in an HPO using the following commands:
hpo = myst.HPO.get(project=..., uuid=...)
hpo_result = hpo.get_result()

# Retrieve results for your best trial.

# Retrieve results for all trials.
  • We’ve added total backtest runtime to the Web Application. This will help you identify if your backtest failed because its runtime would have exceeded our three-hour runtime guardrail. If this occurs, you can consider adjusting your backtest according to some of the suggestions here.

✅ Bug fix:

  • We fixed a bug that prevented you from changing the as-of time in the “Query node” modal in the Web Application. You should no longer see an error when you change the as-of time in this view.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out via the chat embedded in the Myst Platform or email us at [email protected] with questions or feedback.

Thank you!
Ellery and the Myst team